$300 for 1 look

$350 for 2 looks

$400 for 3 looks

$450 for 4 looks

Each additional look is $50.

A look consists of 50-100 images.


Makeup and Hair:


$75     -   2 Looks

$100   -   3 Looks

Each additional look is $25.


Makeup & Hair:

$115   -   2 looks

$150   -   3 looks


Each additional look is $35

The artists that I work with all do amazing work. I do not use anyone

that is new or not established.



$75 - Cash, Credit Card or Paypal deposit is required to book a date. Please pay

deposit within 2 days to hold your shoot date.



Cash or Credit Card via Paypal is gladly accepted. Checks are not accepted


  Retouching is available at $35 dollars per image. That rate is very inexpensive compared to what labs charge. My retouching is very clean, natural, unnoticeable and consistent in style  with my photography. Please request to see samples if you are interested.


  Please be considerate with time when arriving to a shoot. I usually never book more than 2 appointments in one day. If you are late for a shoot it may screw up the timing for the next person that may show up after you. Also, I may have plans after our appointment and tardiness may force me to miss an appointment, event, dinner etc. etc. of my own.


  Loss of deposit if canceling within 72 hours of a shoot date.


  Re-shoots are neve a issue. Since I shoot digitally we can see what I shoot as we are going. Also, during the process I periodically download the images from the camera’s memory card to my Apple. At that point we get to see the pictures enlarged. Usually if someone is not happy with the light or their own performance we can catch it while shooting and make a improvements. I can re-shoot a look within reason.


For printing I work with Argentum Photo. They offer 20% off for my clients.